The best advertisement is getting your public happy or really bored and annoyed. The latter one is absolutely not our mission. We want you to enjoy and get inspired, close important deals, fall in love, meet people you connect with.  And last but not least, come back with your friends, family, loved ones and colleagues to share a good thing in life.

This page reflects the thoughts and experiences of our public. As we just are starting with El Elegante, we will open the ball with our reflection. Hopefully you will feel inspired after a night of TangoJazz Nightclub El Elegante to join in on us.   

"A place where you slow things down and everything gets that shine. Tango. Jazz. That music. It elevates you. It elevates me! The elegance...Elegance is a beauty that never fades. Welcome by! At our club." Kay & Sieta

"It was awesome! I look forward to the next edition!" Rudolf Eeken 

"It was super, beautiful, cool, fun, cool, awesome, cozy and worth coming!!
Next time anyone who could not come now, make sure you keep the day 28-10!!!" Jurriaan van der Reijden