Congratulations with your stop at the TangoJazz Nightclub El Elegante, the beloved nightlife destination for excellent live music and merry-making. Your host of the evening, Kay Sleking, combines the best tango & jazz musicians on stage and finds it a real pleasure to give you, beloved audience, a night to remember.


TangoJazz Nightclub El Elegante is located in the hidden pearl Bar Black at the Rembrandt square. One of the enchanting places in the centre of Amsterdam in the middle of the cultural highlife. Bar Black is a nightclub pur sang with a cosy dance floor. And as part of the four-star Hampshire Hotel Rembrandt Square, you can make your initial night-out into a weekend adventure with the special El Elegante Arrangements.


Kay Sleking

studied classical guitar at the Academy of Arts and the Rotterdam Conservatory and devoted himself to the Argentine Tango. In addition to guitar he plays doublebass and bandoneon and performs internationally as a soloist and with various tango ensembles. He leads a tango big band, the Orquesta Tipica Belgica, and has recorded several CD’s, including Guitarra Y Tango, Valdarno with Victor Hugo Villena (bandoneon), and Flor de lino with his guitar trio Guitarras tango. This year, his new CD from Buenos Aires will be released. Kay is a professor at CODARTS.

Ruzana Tsymbalova

was born in Russia and comes from an artistic family. With her father as a professional violinist and her mother as a dancer and singer, Ruzana started her career on stage at an early age. In 1994 she graduated cum laude in Russia and performed internationally with various symphony orchestras and gypsy orchestras. She decided to continue her study at the Department of Argentine Tango from CODARTS, the Rotterdam Conservatory. Ruzana is main teacher at CODARTS and performs internationally with various ensembles.

Robin El Hage

Robin El-Hage (1992) completed his bachelor cum laude in 2016 at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He continued to specialize in Argentine tango and is now in his second year Masters. His main topic is arranging for orchestra in which he is guided by maestro Gustavo Beytelmann. With Wim Warman and Luis Rabello as his main piano teachers, this talented young pianist gives a promising new sound in the tango landscape. Robin plays in several ensembles including Septeto Camaleón, R & G Tango Duo, Trio Fraguro and Gran Orquesta Típica OTRA.

Sieta Keizer

Studied at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts and continued her studies at the Academy of Drama. She directed Opera and Music Theater and worked over the years with many musicians and actors as casting director, resident director at Stage Entertainment and artistic director at Theater MLab. She taught at CODARTS and Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Besides her artistic work field she is an inspiring coach for artists and loves to see people shine in daily live and on stage.

Daniel Clason

Was playing the organ in a church from the age of 6 and later started to play trumpet when he was 10. He was fortunate to have always been surrounded by music lovers in his family. He won a Scholarship in 2014 to attend Siena Jazz, Italy. He played lead trumpet in Jazz Focus (youth Bigband) and was soloist in the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest. He played with hiphop group ‘’Monta & mothers groove box’’. ’He is one of the most gifted young jazz musicians to have emerged in Netherlands in recent years and is a valuable addition to the European Jazz scene.’’ (Stephen Keogh). Daniels quot is “Simplicity is the final achievement.” — Frédéric Chopin