Congratulations with your next stop at the TangoJazz Nightclub El Elegante, the beloved nightlife destination for excellent live music and merry-making. Your host of the evening, Kay Sleking, combines the best tango & jazz musicians on stage and finds it a real pleasure to give you, beloved audience, a night to remember.


TangoJazz Nightclub El Elegante is located in the hidden pearl Bar Black at the Rembrandt square. One of the enchanting places in the centre of Amsterdam in the middle of the cultural highlife. Bar Black is a nightclub pur sang with a cosy dance floor. And as part of the four-star Hampshire Hotel Rembrandt Square, you can make your initial night-out into a weekend adventure with the special El Elegante Arrangements.


Kay Sleking

studied classical guitar at the Academy of Arts and the Rotterdam Conservatory and devoted himself to the Argentine Tango. In addition to guitar he plays doublebass and bandoneon and performs internationally as a soloist and with various tango ensembles. He leads a tango big band, the Orquesta Tipica Belgica, and has recorded several CD’s, including Guitarra Y Tango, Valdarno with Victor Hugo Villena (bandoneon), and Tango Noche with Martin de Ruiter. This year, his new CD from Buenos Aires will be released. Kay is a professor at CODARTS.

Omar Mollo

Omar Mollo started his career as a rock musician, influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and the national Argentinean rock. As excellent guitarist he was the leader of the Argentinean legendary rock band MAM. One day he bumped into tango, a genre he had been listening to since his childhood. With his rough rock sound and his huge ability to catch the emotion he became an well known tango singer and was several times nominated for the Carlos Gardel Award and the Grammy Latino.With his last album Tangamente Omar was awarded the Carlos Gardel Award in 2016 in the category “Best album – male tango artist” and is nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards 2016 “Best Tango Album”.

Wim Warman

studied Hammond Organ at the Rotterdam Conservatory and also devoted his piano skills in different genres (jazz, pop, latin, fusion). From 1995 to 1999 he was the pianist of the tango group Sexteto Canyengue, founded by Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof. With this group he performed all over the world (Montreal Jazz Festival, live session with Yo-Yo Ma). He played in various groups and projects, meanwhile working on a new style, a mix of jazz, latin, fusion and Argentine Tango, also given a nod to classic. Wim recorded several CD’s and is since 2002 professor at Codarts.

Sieta Keizer

Studied at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts and continued her studies at the Academy of Drama. She directed Opera and Music Theater and worked over the years with many musicians and actors as casting director, resident director at Stage Entertainment and artistic director at Theater MLab. She taught at CODARTS and Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Besides her artistic work field she is an inspiring coach for artists and loves to see people shine in daily live and on stage.

Shauntell Baumgard

Studies violin at the department of Argentinean Tango at Codarts. Whoever hears Shauntell play, gets a combination of urban, classical, tango and other music styles. „Some people are stuck to one tight regime and that's a pity," she says. Her role models are next to her parents Karin Briggs and Regina Carter - and of course Marcus Miller, with whom she once was allowed to jam. "Music is something to be put in a new jacket at the right times, of course, that's what I want to do." Says Shauntell. "What matters in my life is also that people respect each other.